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The prices reported are referred to the use of our vehicle fleet (15 vehicles, including Buggy and Razor) at our rental center on the Trasimeno Lake!! We can offer a professional and accurate service even for big groups of people, this because we have already organized activities with 35/45 quads all together.
The costs may vary when it is necessary to create a teamwork with other colleagues or to transfer the vehicle fleet and the equipment in an other place.

Some simple ideas to optimize the cost of an event/Quad activity:
  • SOLUTION 1: A Quad every 2 persons (the vehicles are all homologated for the transport of two people) interchanging with the other participants of the excursion.
  • SOLUTION 2: A Quad per person with two or more minigroups that use the vehicle in turn during the whole day.
    Classical example: a part of the group does an activity in the morning (wellness center, tastings, guided tours, stables, etc.), while the other part of the group does an excursion with the Quad. The two groups rotate in the afternoon. Like this we are able to make 4 groups in a single day.
  • SOLUTION 3: Very big groups of people: Combine the two listed solutions, that is the solution of the minigroups that use the vehicle in turn with 2 persons per vehicle. With this solution we have organized low cost activities for "oceanic crowds" of over 250 people!!
Whatever you need...THERE ARE NO PROBLEMS!!
We just have to organize!!...AND WE ARE ABLE TO DO IT


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Escursione guidata Umbria in QuadEscursione guidata Umbria in QuadEscursione guidata Umbria in Quad

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